Spectrum Clinical Staff

Our three streams of clinical services providing integrated mental health care:  Psychiatry, Psychology & Occupational Therapy.

Dr Bradleigh Hayhow
Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Emma Morgan
Occupational Therapist

Dr Brendon Dellar
Clinical Psychologist

Professor Sergio Starkstein
Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Dr Briony Hart
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Chloe Marshall-Cary
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr Claire Mitchell
Clinical Psychologist


Spectrum Clinic was established to meet the unique clinical needs of young adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Our particular focus is on the integrated delivery of high quality mental health care for which we offer inclusive, multidisciplinary therapy services within a purpose-built clinical environment.

We are committed to contemporary, evidence-based practice and promote ongoing research and training for the benefit of both our patients and the community.

To find out what our service is focussed on, please follow this link for more information. 


We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessments for autism spectrum disorder that are tailored to the needs of individuals aged 16 years and over. We follow best-practice guidelines in the provision of a team-based process that integrates medical assessment, structured clinical interviews and an evaluation of impact on function. In addition to assessment, we specialise in managing commonly co-occuring problems such as epilepsy, mood and anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, abnormal movements and cognitive difficulties.

Spectrum Clinic also offer adaptive individual and group therapy programmes delivered by our experienced allied health clinicians. These programmes are offered across a range of domains including emotional regulation, interpersonal communication and independent living skills.


Individualised Assessment

Patient Centred

Evidence Based Practice

Continuing Education

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Suite 7, Level 3, 137 George St

East Fremantle , Western Australia 


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